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Cloudlink App Update 1.1

Updated: Apr 16

The Hubble Cloudlink App Has a Brand-New Interface

When we launched the Hubble Cloudlink app in October of last year, we knew this was just the beginning for the innovative platform. As a company that strives to lead the way in an ever-changing industry, we were already dreaming up ways to make the Cloudlink experience even more seamless.

And now, thanks to the hard work of our R&D department, the first update is here and ready to help users easily understand and monitor the flow of power within their systems.

By prioritising ease of navigation and mobile optimisation, we were able to design a brand new, live power flow dashboard that allows users to monitor the basics and access in-depth historical data intuitively.

Live Power Flow

Live Monitoring

Easily check system status

PV, inverter and battery insights

Historical Data

Power Graphs


Power Save

Installer Management system

Designed for installers

Monitor clients’ systems

PV, inverter and battery insights

An Intuitive Design


The Cloudlink is compatible with all leading inverter brands and allows for complete monitoring with the following inverters:

  • Victron

  • Axpert

  • Deye

  • Sunsynk

  • Phocos

  • Kodak

Android users can sign up for an account in the app, however, this feature is currently not available on IOS, and as such registration via the desktop portal is necessary.

For more information and inverter compatibility chart visit the Cloudlink page.

*All Cloudlink servers use high-level, industry-grade encryption and are held in Europe and as such are fully compliant with GDPR

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