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Lebone Litho Printers

1.74MWh | 34 x HV-512 | Battery sets installed


  • Hubble’s High Voltage applications range from game lodges to salt pans. 

  • With the increasing power and climate crisis, alternative energy solutions are vital to keeping in business. 

  • Large scale businesses require mega scale energy sources and Hubble’s High Voltage Systems are designed to provide unprecedented power, ranging from 20kWh – 2.5MWh. 

  • Using smart technology and easy-to-transport, modular, buildable designs, these High Voltage Systems can be easily upgraded and transported from the city to the country. 

With loadshedding constantly disrupting their printing schedules, Lebone Litho Printers needed an energy solution that would ensure seamless delivery on their projects. To solve this impact, they turned to Betsani Holdings who chose to use the Hubble High Voltage battery units for an energy solution that works alongside their nearly 2000 solar panels and eight inverters.

Their greatest challenge for the solar installation was the irregular roof top while the rack mount system offered by Hubble units made it easy to transport and install the 27 modules, particularly given some spaces were on the second stories of the building.

The Hubble innovative smart technology allows for an easily upgradeable solution and features intelligent touch screen display and wi-fi enabled monitoring.

Aside from the consistent energy supply, Lebone are happy to be saving on electricity and generator costs.


The Outpost

1.74MWh | 34 x HV-512 | Battery sets installed

The Outpost, a luxury game lodge in the Kruger National Park is the latest to enjoy off-grid power with Hubble’s high voltage battery system.

Faced with the challenge of a remote location and the need for a sustainable and eco-friendly system, the lodge chose Hubble’s High Voltage System.

Designed to store energy for large power systems, using innovative smart technology, its an easily upgradeable solution that can be fitted into standard server cabinets.

The Outpost has 118 on-site solar panels which run on a Hubble battery system of 209,1kWh.

The system can recharge within 7 hours of daylight and power 100% of the lodge’s needs, which include conservation, wild-life monitoring and anti-poaching security devices.




2.211MWh | 768v 120Ah 1C battery | 24 x 92.16kWh battery racks

When loadshedding and high-power costs threatened the viability of their salt manufacturing plant, Cerebos turned to Hubble’s High Voltage battery system.

With up to 30% of the cost of salt manufacture being electricity, and the plant needing to run at maximum capacity to keep up with demand, the solution needed to be economical and consistent.

+ After a year in the making, Hubble’s new power system is set to reduce Cerebos’s power costs, mitigate the impact of loadshedding and utilise the batteries to arbitrage the expensive winter peak electricity costs.

Cerebos partnered with Avianto Energy, who had experience at this scale and were open to finding economical solutions and sharing the process to that the Cerebos team could repeat the work at future salt work sites. They chose solar panels on a fixed East/West orientation, benefiting from the scalability of Hubble’s system.

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