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Officially Solis Approved

We are pleased to announce that our batteries are now officially listed as compatible with Solis Inverters’ esteemed S5 Hybrid Inverter and S6 Pro Advanced Hybrid Inverter range.

Here at Hubble, we have always strived for excellence, designing energy storage solutions that not only excel in performance but also prioritise safety and reliability. Partnering with Solis Inverters was a natural choice for us, as they share a similar commitment to delivering cutting-edge products with an unyielding focus on quality.

A Global Leader

Solis Inverters, an award-winning brand, stands as one of the oldest and largest inverter specialists and manufacturers globally. They are celebrated for their innovative solutions and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Their S5 and S6 range of inverters, specifically designed for seamless integration with energy storage systems, have gained acclaim for their efficiency, robustness and long-term durability.

Available From Segensolar

The synergy between Solis inverter’s exceptional technology and our high-performance Hubble batteries results in a seamless solution that embodies excellence in energy storage. You can now readily purchase this fantastic combination through our trusted reseller, SegenSolar. As a leading distributor in South Africa, Sub-Saharan and European markets, SegenSolar offers comprehensive, local support, ensuring you have access to the expertise and resources required to optimise your solar installations.

*Please note: This image does not represent an actual installation and should not be used as a reference

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