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The next step in the evolution of the AM-Series: The AM-10

This week saw yet another addition to our famous AM Series – THE AM-10. Launched in partnership with SegenSolar, we are extremely excited to introduce the next step in the evolution of our AM Series batteries.

The AM-10 is two times bigger than the recently released AM-5, featuring a whopping 10kWh system capacity as well as remote monitoring capabilities as an additional add-on via the handy Hubble Cloudlink Device. Additionally, like all of our LiFePO4 batteries, the AM-10 is certified as fully compatible with the popular Victron Inverter Range and included on their list of approved batteries.

At approximately 89 kilograms this proudly UKCA-certified battery really packs the power with state-of-the-art LiFePO4 cells and a rated capacity of 200Ah. It also features an advanced battery management system with a current limiting function and was designed with high energy density and conversion efficiency. With a high cycle and service life the AM-10 is the perfect solution for your power needs be it for home or business; and, as an added bonus the battery is enclosed in a sleek white case making it a stylish addition to your setup.

To celebrate the launch of this big boy, we will be hosting nationwide training events in collaboration with Victron and SegenSolar over the weeks to come.

For more information regarding technical specifications and setup download the product pamphlet and manual under our Marketing Materials tab

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